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TPE vs Silicone Sex Dolls: Which Type of Doll is Best for You?

Welcome to's presentation of TPE vs silicone sex dolls for you which kind of material is more suitable for you! I'll go over all the pros, cons and details of the two types of dolls so you can decide which one is better for you. You've been following sex dolls for a while now, right? Not the over-the-top looking joke items, […]

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Are sex dolls legal in my country?

Country Legality Afghanistan Illegal Aland Islands Legal Albania Legal Algeria Illegal Andorra Legal Angola Legal Anguilla Legal Antigua And Barbuda Legal Argentina Legal Armenia Legal Aruba Legal Australia Legal with criteria: Over 150cm Austria Legal Azerbaijan Illegal Bahamas Legal Bahrain Illegal Bangladesh Illegal Barbados Legal Belarus Legal Belgium Legal Belize Legal Benin Legal Bermuda Legal Bhutan […]

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who invented sex dolls

Do you have the question: who invented the sex doll? This is a very interesting topic. If you want to know more about the history of sex dolls, you've come to the right place. tells you in this article how the sex dolls were invented and how they have developed over time. Definition of a sex doll It […]

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Sex Dolls Changed My Life – Sex Doll Customer Stories

Has a sex doll changed my life? Are you still wondering whether you should buy a sex doll? But do you know what a sex doll can do for you and how it can change your life? What is a sex doll? A sex doll, also called a lifelike doll or physical doll, is a humanoid doll that has the features and […]

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Are sex dolls legal in Germany?

Are sex dolls legal? The short answer is yes, with one exception. In Germany, all types of love dolls are legal, except children's dolls. At Sexpuppenetz We deal with different types of dolls such as mini sex dolls, torso dolls and life-size dolls. Our products are tailored to your specific needs because our core task is customer satisfaction. Sex dolls for teenagers illegal Although the […]

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Teach your life with lifelike silicone love dolls

How do I care for my silicone love doll? With the development of society, people's attitudes towards sex have gradually opened up. Many sex products have gradually come into people's field of vision. Realistic full size silicone dolls are one of them, and silicone dolls are high-end versions of sex dolls is a silicone sex doll. On the sex market for […]

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15 reasons why guys like sex dolls more than real girls

The popularity of sex dolls has skyrocketed over the years as the topic was initially considered taboo, especially since there is a certain stigma attached to talking about it in public. Basically, surveys have shown that men are most likely to have sex with sex dolls than with real girls, meaning that men seem to have sex with […]

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Are sex dolls safe? Sex doll safety tips

The sex doll industry has grown tremendously in recent years, considering the dark past in which it originally existed. With Howard Stern at the forefront of acquiring realistic sex dolls, these pleasure dolls have evolved from simple inflatable figures to humanoid silicone sex dolls and TPE sex dolls. These pleasure dolls are not only considered taboo, but it is also […]

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Why are silicone sex dolls so popular in the adult sex market?

In the adult sex market, solid and realistic silicone dolls are the most popular. We often see the existence of physical dolls in many places. Don't be surprised. These solid silica gel dolls are indeed very good, they can also relieve people's sexual hunger. It has largely replaced the status of real women. Why […]

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If you compare the advantages and disadvantages of TPE dolls and silicone dolls, which one would you buy?

Anyone who is familiar with custom adult dolls should know that the physical dolls on the market are mainly divided into silicone dolls and TPE dolls, with TPE dolls being more mainstream. For most people, silicone dolls and TPE dolls are not easy to distinguish visually, so we identify them based on several aspects. Physical dolls are basically […]

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How much does it cost to replace a sex doll's head?

Even if you think you'll never own a sex doll, you've probably wondered what it would be like to own one someday. If you're still on the fence, we're here to convince you that you should buy a doll. With silicone dolls, there are often problems when removing the molds […]

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What to do with silicone sex dolls

We'll show you how to throw away or dispose of your TPE silicone sex dolls without looking like a psychopath or murderer. Please note that the solutions will get crazier as you progress. But before we dive in, let's look at the most common reasons why you want to get rid of your silicone wife. Love for a sex doll doesn’t come […]

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Have you ever dated a silicone sex doll?

While a real silicone or TPE sex doll is no substitute for full human interaction and the touch of another person, even experts admit that dating is becoming increasingly difficult. This is probably particularly true for men. Nevertheless, we believe that sex dolls can play a sexual and emotional role in satisfying individual needs. […]

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How much does a high quality full size Chinese sex doll cost?

Sex dolls are humanoid, anatomically anthropomorphic dolls designed to create or enhance sexual pleasure during solo or partnered intercourse. Sex dolls have at least one penetrable opening (mouth, vagina or anus) and/or a body part into which the user can insert their own body part (tongue or penis). Silicone sex dolls Men and women use silicone sex dolls, […]

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How long does a sex doll's vagina stay warm?

Different brands of dolls often have slightly different heating systems, but they all basically work the same way. Sex dolls with an internal heating system have wires that run through the doll's torso and private parts. There is a power socket somewhere on the doll. Plug the doll into the socket and the temperature will rise approximately […]

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How Long Can The Sex Doll Porn Industry Last?

The more a doll is used, the faster it will wear out. Some models come with repair kits or replacement genitalia to correct this problem. Eventually it came to a point where the doll could no longer be repaired. Even with heavy use it will probably last for several years, so it is always […]

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How often should TPE toys be replaced?

First, be sure to check your new toy for any defects: breaks, cracks, missing parts, damaged materials, non-functioning motor or vibrator. Anything that doesn't look right. If all goes well, be sure to wash your new toy (properly) with warm, soapy (antibacterial) water and dry thoroughly. The Irontech Doll may be a better choice, […]

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How good is it to use a sex doll for anal sex?

A sex doll's anus is made in proportion to the size of a real anus. The material used is high quality silicone or imitation silicone, which allows men to experience very comfortable penis friction during the experience. Men can gain more dominance during anal sex with a full-size sex doll. A real anus is more likely to tear during anal sex than a real anus. Because […]

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Enter the world of the future and explore the future development of realistic sex dolls

With the continuous development of science and technology and the gradual opening of social concepts, realistic dolls as a special product have attracted great attention and discussion. This innovative product combines advanced technology and social needs and is gradually becoming a reality. So how far are we from a truly realistic sex doll? The technological […]

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The hoarder's apartment is full of sex dolls

Silicone and TPR toys are a highly durable, hypoallergenic and non-porous option for players who want some flexibility and softness, all in a long-lasting toy. Silicone is a very durable material and with proper care can last a lifetime as long as the material remains intact (as it can be fully disinfected after each use). […]

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What does a built-in vagina look like on a sex doll?

In fact, a sex doll's vagina is the center of attention for most people. They are made of soft materials. The vagina of most sex dolls is made of silicone or TPE material, which is soft and elastic. It feels anatomically like human skin and gives you the look and feel of a real vagina. In fact, […]

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How to have sex with a doll after circumcision

The risk of infection is very high if you have sexual intercourse before the recovery period. Infections and inflammation can lead to further complications after circumcision. You need to follow some simple but effective tips to recover faster and without complications after circumcision. The sooner you fully recover, the sooner your doctor can allow you to resume […]

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How to make a doggy style TPE sex doll

Sex dolls can be placed in the most common sex positions (such as missionary and doggy style). For certain sex positions, such as doggy style, we recommend using pillows to distribute the weight of the sex doll and prevent damage to it. Before you finally let your sex doll kneel in front of you, it is much easier to think about getting her […]

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Analyzing the Harm of Sex Dolls in Custody Cases and Their Social Impact

Although not currently confirmed, the use of adult sex dolls can lead to an escalation of adult sex crimes, from viewing online adult exploitation material to exposure to sex crimes. Since such dolls do not provide emotional feedback, users may become desensitized to the […]

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How to make your sex doll look more realistic

Sex dolls look very similar to people, but are not exactly the same. Silicone bodies hang from hooks on the assembly line, some with grotesque human heads, others with fully exposed, bug-eyed robot faces. Now these sex dolls have artificial intelligence. Silicone Sex Dolls If you plan to take a hot bath with a sex doll, you need to invest in a silicone sex doll. Dolls […]

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Privacy tips and precautions for quickly hiding a full-size sex doll

When men live alone, they often place sex dolls on their bed or sofa. Owning a sex doll can be a bit inconvenient and embarrassing when other people such as an electrician or plumber need to enter the house. However, there is also a risk as guests may try to have sex with the doll when no one else is in […]

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How to clean a sex doll's upper body and make it look new again

Choose the Appropriate Cleaning Method Cleaning your torso sex doll body is the key to keeping it fresh and hygienic. Here we introduce you to various cleaning methods suitable for torso sex dolls to keep your doll looking new again and again. Dry Clean the Exterior of the Torso DollYou can help clean the exterior of your doll by […]

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What to do with a full-size sex doll?

For adults and energetic people, there is obviously no stopping them. While you may want to act out a specific sketch or even carry the doll around, there are plenty of ways to wear it to provide some good old-fashioned fun outside of keg and keg training. An otherworldly sexual experience with a lifelike sex doll? Well, the best […]

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How to have sex with a robot sex doll

If you find that your doll is not soft enough, apply some mineral oil. The general process is to clean the doll first and wait for it to dry. Once the doll is completely dry, massage it with oil. Once the oil is completely absorbed, sprinkle the doll with cornstarch […]

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Here's how to move a sex doll easily

The easiest way to transport your love doll is in a wheelchair or a large black office chair with multiple wheels. This is probably the best method as it is effortless for the owner and minimizes the risk of sprains or injuries, back pain or even anxiety. Not to mention the obvious fact that it protects the doll from possible […]

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Hentai content from men ordering sex dolls that look like women they know

It was my biggest dream growing up to have a girl I had a crush on invade my reality. I want to touch and hug my grandma, but unfortunately my imagination is the only place I can turn. I always thought the line between a sex doll aimed at the women who […]

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Mini Sex Doll Buying Guide: Finding the perfect little companion

Nowadays, sex dolls have become extremely affordable. If you want to buy a sex doll, there are many options, and as the sex doll industry grows and expands to other continents, owning a sex doll is becoming easier and easier. As you can see, planning a successful Valentine's Day and satisfying your sex doll is not that difficult difficult. Everything you […]

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How Factories Make Sex Dolls Look Real

You have made a decision, you are going to buy a sex doll. But where can you buy a sex doll? You've googled "sex dolls" and you'll be surprised to find that there are a ton of suppliers! Even better: They all seem to offer the exact same silicone/TPE sex dolls. BBW Sex Dolls It is common knowledge that people with physical disabilities due to […]