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What to do with silicone sex dolls

We'll show you how to throw away or dispose of your TPE silicone sex dolls without looking like a psychopath or murderer. Please note that the solutions will get crazier as you progress. But before we dive in, let's look at the most common reasons why you want to get rid of your silicone wife. Love for a sex doll doesn’t come […]

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How much does a high quality full size Chinese sex doll cost?

Sex dolls are humanoid, anatomically anthropomorphic dolls designed to create or enhance sexual pleasure during solo or partnered intercourse. Sex dolls have at least one penetrable opening (mouth, vagina or anus) and/or a body part into which the user can insert their own body part (tongue or penis). Silicone sex dolls Men and women use silicone sex dolls, […]

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How Manufacturers Make Sex Dolls

If you're concerned about demanding the sex you want from your spouse, you don't have to feel that way about sex robots. Feel free to do whatever you want with her because she won't mind, won't complain or judge you. Black Sex Dolls We are one of the best sex doll suppliers […]

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What it feels like to touch a sex doll's breasts

Modern sex dolls made of TPE and silicone feel “like a real person”. They feel soft and are very realistic. Facial features and body parts are modeled on real people and then often adapted to your needs. Do you want bigger boobs or a firmer ass? They are made exactly the way you like them. Male sex dolls, […]

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How to keep your love dolls beautiful

A realistic doll, also known as a fuck sex doll, real sex doll or full size sex doll, is a life-size luxury toy that mimics the realism of a real woman or man. The lifelike sex dolls are designed to meet your needs with a sophisticated and sophisticated style that encompasses a soft, supple, and comfortable body. On […]

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Safe toy cabinets: protecting your love dolls

Storage Methods for Customers' Real Dolls Here we aim to help buyers find the best silicone and TPE dolls for their needs from reliable sources at affordable prices. In addition to being free, the remote control is also very discreet because we never mention “sex dolls” or anything related to packaging issues. Your neighbor or […]

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The best place for your love doll

It is best to keep your love doll in a closet. It should be stored in a carry bag for easy transportation. If you go on a weekend getaway, take your love doll with you. If you have a long drive ahead of you, put your love doll in the trunk of your car. Some people like to keep their teen sex dolls in […]

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How to store your love doll effectively

Every time I choose a sex doll that I want I have to ask myself a question. How can I keep these lifelike sex dolls if I don't want to be with them? It is undeniable that this is a very important question for most people. Our life size doll shop specializes in bringing you […]

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Five ways to store your sex dolls

How do you store your sex dolls? You can store your sex dolls in a variety of ways, depending on the size and type of doll you have and how much space and storage you have available. Here are five possible options. ①in a closet. If you have a teen sex doll and a closet with plenty of […]

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Care instructions and instructions for storing sex dolls

The raw material of the simulation doll is non-toxic and odorless TPE or silicone. Because silicone contains silicone oil, it will become oily when placed for a long time, but this is normal, so please wipe with a clean towel or apply talcum powder. Oil stains leave less dust and dirt on […]