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Can Silicone Dolls Really Ease Loneliness?

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The primary concern with using silicone dolls to help cope with singleness and loneliness is the long-term impact on mental health. Those who hold a contrary opinion claim that time spent with silicone dolls encourages introverted behavior, which ultimately leads to greater social isolation.

Proponents believe in the positive feelings they feel in the company of Silicone dolls feel. It might be something they personally disagree with, but processing positive emotions is a great way to improve overall mental health.

This is a great option provided you have the right attitude and don't overdo it, then there's nothing wrong with having a silicone doll as your extra companion, you don't even need her to talk, you just cuddle with her when you're lonely and isolated, look at her while you eat or do whatever you want.

Sex doll fall under the category of personal and private life and are a new experiment. Given the imbalance between men and women, the increasing aging and the pressures that life brings, it is more of a short-term help to overcome loneliness and save part of the single population without harming anyone. But does it really solve the problem of bachelorhood? What is the meaning of its existence and its progressive development? Maybe it's more a question of looking to the future.