6YE Doll Realistic Sexy Doll

6YE Doll is a well-known brand of realistic dolls launched in China in 2013, featuring beautiful Western faces, realistic bodies and high quality materials

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What is 6YE Dolls

6YE Dolls is a professional physical doll manufacturer. Established in 2013, the company is dedicated to the development, design, production and sale of high quality body doll products. 6YE Doll stands out in the body doll market with unique designs, excellent quality and professional service.

The products of 6YE Doll include various types and styles of physical dolls, such as simulated humanoid dolls, Japanese anime dolls and custom dolls. These dolls are made with high quality materials such as TPE, silver hair roots, metal joints, reinforced steel frames, etc. to ensure the dolls' reliability and durability. The products of 6YE Doll also have an extremely realistic look and feel, giving users a realistic feel.

In addition to product quality 6YE Doll also attach great importance to customer service. The company provides prompt and professional technical support and after-sales service to meet the needs and requirements of its customers. In addition, offers 6YE Doll also offers a personalization service where customers can design a unique physical doll according to their desires and needs.

Overall is 6YE Doll a professional, innovative and visionary body doll manufacturer. The company has carved a niche in the physical doll market with its high quality products, excellent service and continuous innovation and will continue to lead the way in the future.

What makes the appeal of 6YE Doll out?

An important aspect of 6YE DollWhat attracts consumers is their gorgeous styling. They are so realistic that each doll looks like a real woman. Be it the skin tone, the shape of the breast or the contours of the face. It looks natural, feels soft and is a near-perfect experience. We take a closer look at her nipples, her vagina and her tight, curvaceous ass that will get your heart pumping as you try to touch her, kiss her and eventually penetrate her. All this fun is matched by the sex appeal of the 6YE Doll allows.

6YE is a supplier of high quality life size TPE sex dolls
- The life size sex dolls are wrapped in TPE and molded in one piece to be soft and flexible and feel like a real person.

– The TPE sex doll has a flexible stainless steel skeleton inside and can be up to 70% as flexible as a real person. It can be placed in different positions for use, photography and enjoyment.

- Although the real doll is seamlessly cast in one piece, since it is a handmade product, the body will have a certain number of sprue lines during the fitting process.

- The eyes of the real dolls can be adjusted as needed, but care should be taken not to damage the eyelashes during the adjustment process.

– All sex dolls taller than 100 cm have three openings – mouth, vagina and anus – that can be used. The mouth and anus cannot be removed, and the vagina is detachable and is divided into built-in and inserted types. However, there is no difference in the appearance or shape of the privates of the removable and one-piece dolls.

– Due to the different measurement methods, the data such as the dolls' height and BWH may be slightly different.