Jiusheng Doll - realistic sex dolls with silicone head

Jiusheng Doll is a real doll designer and manufacturer specializing in super realistic silicone heads for years. Jiusheng Doll is known for her semi-permanent realistic makeup on silicone heads and life-size real and authentic love doll bodies.
Your dolls will be made from high-quality TPE and silicone that is specially formulated for increased durability and durability. In addition, it is both anti-allergic and environmentally friendly. Find your favorite love dolls below!

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Jiusheng Doll

Although the brand Jiusheng Doll established in 2018, it has been an OEM and ODM doll factory for many doll brands for many years. Jiusheng Doll focuses on ultra-realistic silicone head and semi-permanent TPE body makeup.

Especially in making realistic doll heads, we are very talented. That's why some doll brands like WM and JY have turned to us for making heads.

We consider a sex doll to be a work of art. We believe that sex dolls are your dear companion, your good companion. We focus on realism. We strive for creativity. We strive for quality.

Oscar King
Oscar, the founder of Jiusheng Doll, graduated from Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts (Top 3 in China). He has been creating sculptures since 2000. He started wax figure making in 2008, creating wax figures of political celebrities, TV stars, etc. I have been engaged in wax figure making for more than 10 years.

"My goal is simple: for people to have a totally realistic doll with a realistic face, beautiful makeup, soft skin, and flexible bones. I've also helped other brands create amazing doll faces over the years. I'm lucky enough to see people like those faces.