Luxury sex dolls

Luxury sex doll are mostly made of high quality silicone material and are very realistic in every detail. In addition, they are very expensive. Therefore are luxury silicone dolls expensive and feature realistic skin material and realistic hair. These dolls usually have an articulated PVC or metal skeleton with flexible joints so they can be placed in various positions for display and sexual activity.

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What is a luxury sex doll?

An Luxury sex dolls is the woman of your dreams - she's non-contradictory, designed the way you want her and has an incredibly realistic look and feel! The soft skin makes it a great pleasure to run your fingers over the body. It's usually worth spending more money on a sex doll so you don't have to say goodbye to realism!

What is so special about luxury sex dolls?

Realistic Materials: Arguably the most important feature of Luxury sex dolls are the realistic materials from which they are made. Almost all premium sex dolls are made of silicone or TPE, so they not only look like real skin, but feel like it too!

Chic designs: In addition, premium sex dolls naturally have chic designs and look very hot!

A Delightful Love Channel: Of course, when you buy a sex doll, you don't just want to cuddle her, you also want to use her for your sexual satisfaction. Attractive vaginal and anal approaches, maybe even stimulating oral approaches! These channels almost always have a different structure, which makes sex even more exciting!

Agility: The flexibility of the skeleton of the Deluxe sex dolls allows them to take many positions!

Additional features : Some Luxury Real Doll are equipped with additional functions such as talking or moaning to make them look even more realistic!