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MESE Doll is made of high quality TPE material, which is durable and realistic. The TPE sex doll is not only durable and lifelike, but also can be placed in any desired sex position. All real dolls have vagina, anus and mouth openings for easy cleaning and maintenance

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How one MESE Doll Cleans and cares for sex dolls regularly.

For normal non-intelligent dolls, the bathing temperature should be below 40 degrees Celsius. Water, shower gel, soap, washing powder, dish soap can all be washed. For stubborn stains, you can use cleaning oil or ask the manufacturer for white oil to wipe off.

Precautions for cleaning: the neck interface cannot be put into the water, otherwise it is easy to rust, which will affect the use and appearance. The vagina and anus can be washed repeatedly with the disposable detergent provided by the manufacturer. It is forbidden to wash the vagina directly with the tap. There is a waterproof ball deep inside the vagina, which is glued to the screw. Excessive rinsing may cause it to fall off. If accidentally falls off, dry the sheath and stick it back on.

Cleaning the sound doll: It is forbidden to wash the sounder when cleaning, and the circuit board should be careful to prevent water from entering.

Care: Lifelike sex dolls should be bathed every 10 to 20 days on average, and body powder should be applied after bathing to avoid oily breakouts. Long press one side to dent it, turn the pressure side up, and it will recover in a few days.

Properties of MESE Doll dolls

The sex doll from MESE Doll has three sexual functions (vaginal sex, anal sex, oral sex). Apply lubricant before use. Condoms and smart talking sex dolls are recommended. There are pressure sensitive voices and normal voices. The principle of the pressure-sensitive voice is to activate the switch by the force of air pressure. When pressed, it makes a sound. If it is not pressed, there is no sound; the pressure-sensitive sound will sound with the change in air pressure, so it is recommended to turn off the main switch after use. The normal sound mode is single loop playback mode. Five built-in audio sources are played one after the other. The size of the sound matches, and the volume is not adjustable.